Better than Cupid.

So Blind but Good-looking Enough To Get Away with It

My last post was brief and yet so emo that I thought I’d make up for it today, right here, RIGHT NOW. Although really, I do like emo music and I tend to get dramatic at times (in a sarcastic yet witty way, really) just to massacre the whole hyperbole thing.

So anyway. On with the good stuff.

I have roughly five people in my match making list (four guys and just one girl) and because I have more guy friends than girl friends, can you imagine the headache I get scrounging around for prospective dates for the guys? It is nothing but networking and PR skills at their finest. (And did I mention how painful it could be half the time? Did these guys actually think girls grow on trees?)

There’s this one guy out of the four that gets to attract more girls. And call it favoritism but I have decided to zero in on him. Why not? He’s the one who gets more votes, anyway. Might as well give him the exposure. The thing is, this guy is painfully not-so-aware of how he affects the girls around him. He’s the underdog and yet the star at the same time. Isn’t that an exciting client to handle? (Now can you see why favoritism leaned towards him?) And, well, it doesn’t hurt that his body is to die for (monkee will attest to that, as she bore witness to THAT CERTAIN PHOTO of the guy that I posted in previous life — which is to say many, many weeks ago, really).

So this guy? I am doing everything to expose him to girls. It is taking all of me, all five feet and one and a half inches of me, to just tag him along and make him move his ass. He promised Sunday, maybe Sunday he’ll be free. And Sunday suddenly seems like such an exciting, fun-filled day. The only tricky part is actually inviting the single girls, since even the ones taken like to meet him. “Even if it’s just for his body,” one of those girls said. Her words, not mine. Yeah, I promise you.

A tap you on your shoulder: Say, do you think it would be more interesting if I actually posted some facts (basic but presented in an interesting fashion, of course) about my clients?