Better than Cupid.

Now Youve’ Seen Him, Now You Don’t

If you’ve been visiting this blog the last week, you’d have seen a… photo. Of some guy. Why I’m hesitant to expound on that, ask monkee. Sorry, I had to take it down because I’m afraid he will hunt me down and I’m highly likely he’s going to be creative about the ways he’ll get back at me for posting his picture. Of course I could try to inflate his ego to save myself. Say something like, “But you looked so good in that photo! You looked so sexy you put Hayden Christensen to shame!”

Sydney Socialite is right. It would be better if my so-called clients were a lot more proactive. I wish they’d just say “Go!” when I tell them I have someone to pair them up with. In the T.V. series “Ms. Match” none of her clients were fussy. I found out that in real world, clients are more demanding. Oh, yeah. I found that the hard way. But I’m not waving the white flag yet. I may have taken down that certain photo but that was just me being smart. I mean, what would become of the world if Little Ms. Match was gone? It would be a sadder place, my friend. A sad, sad place. Think of a party that plays Britney Spears songs non-stop. THAT’S how sad it’ll be.


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