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World, Welcome Little Ms. Match

What started as an interest grew into a joke. And then it got bigger — BAM! Just like that. I realized, “Hey, I could really help match people.” So here is this blog, kicking off what I hope would be one big ball of adventure.

Right now I am helping two guys look for romantic prospects. This is a quest, as I have realized I have a shortage of girl friends who I can set up with them. The answer to this woe-is-me issue? Networking! Friends of friends… of friends, if I get desperate. Ira and Vic have given me their blessings in posting their pictures here but I haven’t. Yet. Not because I am so busy but because I am a lazy ass who thrives on procrastination. But no worries! By next week I’ll be putting up photos of them and brief descriptions. For now: Heads up, ladies! Who knows, one of those two guys might just be who you’re looking for.

On the other hand, they may not be your type. At first. But then opposites attract, right? I mean, stranger things have happened…