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I Could but I Won’t: In Lieu of the Previous Post

It might have been ages since I last posted here and you can blame it on work. Not this match making stint but my real day job. But back to this business because let’s be honest. Match making is so much more exciting.

My other client friend, whose name is really Ira but I prefer to call him by his last name because Buyco sounds so much more kick ass. Booy-koh. That’s how it is pronounced. Say it one more time: Booy-koh. Totally kicks ass! So anyway. One of my friends actually asked me to set her up with him. And I was all like, “Are you sure? Are you really sure?” Buyco is a nice guy. Easy to get along with, can’t complain about his sense of humor and if there’s a night out or gimmick, you can rest assured he will pop up out of thin air. His motto when it comes to social extracurricular activities? This: I am ubiquitous. The thing is, the girls I recommend to him always back out. The reason can be summed up with one sentence. One very short sentence: He looks like a bad boy. Their words, not mine. I mean, if I were to describe the guy, I’d tell them “He resembles a grizzly bear in terms of looks but really. Everything else about him? A labrador.”

I am Little Ms. Match but Little Ms. Match tends to get lazy at times. So I just give Buyco my friend’s number and vice-versa. And voila! They are texting, people. Who knows what will happen when they meet face to face, right?

Oh, and heads up: The guy I mentioned in my previous post? *points below* He is about to embark on his first and a half blind date this Saturday. I am going to be there with him and shall try not too get too mesmerized by the sight of pasta and pizza so I can properly document this blind date I’ve cooked up for him.

And yeah, I could post pictures of him shirtless but I won’t, as I feel that would be tantamount to violating him. And as a conservative citizen of the world, I won’t. Unless someone pays me to.