Better than Cupid.

About Little Ms. Match

Welcome to Little Ms. Match, the by-product of the happiness and frustration and everything else in between one gets in match making. Here are my sentiments and feelings poured out, sometimes in buckets; other times in barely-there sprinkles. I am not a match maker by profession although it is a choice I gladly made. A choice for a hobby, an interest. People are interesting. You never know what you’re going to get when two individuals meet.

This blog would focus more on the process of setting up two people. Having them land on my doorstep or leaving them with no choice but to set them up with someone, choosing who would go best with who, brainstorming the location, the excuses, the back-up plans and sometimes even the food. Ah, the things a match maker has to think of and plan for…

Whoever said that being single was a lonely thing obviously wasn’t being creative (or crazy) enough.


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