Better than Cupid.

The Saturday That Never Was

You know that Saturday I’ve been bragging about? The Saturday I said Vic would be having his blind date? That Saturday? Yeah! Well, it didn’t happen. What can I say? When your sibling is graduating, it can only mean one thing: You either get your ass over there or your family will disown you. So Vic had no choice but to drag his sorry ass. And you could tell he was regretful about it, too. Hopefully, he and Aleah could meet up some time soon. I’m beginning to think I’m losing my touch with all this match making stint.

I was going over the previous comments (not that there were many of them) and something about what Monkee said struck me. Hmm… Maybe it is high time to post pictures of both Ira and Vic (not shirtless, of course) here. The question is: When?


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  1. * monkee says:

    Not shirtless 😦 Awww bugger…then I don’t want them 😛

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 4 months ago

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